Ted (Primer) did this with Kyle (KT)'s help.
It's an interactive view of VOA's SOP kit.

Hoping to do more with this technology.

VOA Loadout by primerx24

This is Primer from VOA's airsoft loadout

Posted: August 15th 2014, 05:22

Check out a mini-documentary that our friends at Operational Element Soar did. Makes us want to do one for VOA!

Stellar job guys.

We are OES

What you get when you follow OES around with cameras at our trainings. All footage shot at our Training Facility in Rock Tavern, NY Film Shot/Directed/Edited...

Posted: August 14th 2014, 02:59

VOA and friends at Stryker Airsoft

Posted: August 10th 2014, 21:19

Some of us use shelves, others use peg boards, what do you use to organize your equipment?

Posted: July 22nd 2014, 15:47

A group of us are signed up and ready to go to OP:X in September, who will we run into there?!


Posted: July 14th 2014, 21:24


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