Stark Arms Glock 19 Review. By Chemist.

Rock out with your Glock out.
The Stark Arms Glock 19 Review

Posted: October 15th 2014, 15:12

Help this field build itself up and expand the airsoft community's LEGIT fields.

Plains Airsoft Arena - Indoor Airsoft Play Space

Plains Airsoft Arena will be the largest and only indoor airsoft arena in Northeast Pennsylvania, with a repair and pro shop.

Posted: October 6th 2014, 14:25

Check out Sunday's footage that Airsoft Simulations got of us!

Timeline Photos
Watch our latest video from Operation X by Lion Claws productions! here in FT Monmouth NJ we had an AWESOME time here at this AO. this is some of the SUNDAY footage and we'll be releasing the full cut soon! so please SUBSCRIBE / LIKE / SHARE !

Posted: October 1st 2014, 15:57

VOA at Operation Lion Claws Military Simulation Series's OP:X!

Thanks to all staff and all who attended and made that OP so awesome.


VOA had an absolute blast at O.L.C.M.S.S. Operation: X. The AO was located at the decomissioned Army Research, Development, and Engineering Command base in F...

Posted: September 29th 2014, 12:03

This is pretty awesome.
From Vikíng Sos

Endex and Formation for OP:X

OPX @ Endex

SOS Milsim at OP X by LionClaws Sep 19-21 2014. Video of Endex formation. Checkout

Posted: September 23rd 2014, 15:24


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